Dunright Building Services is a full line remodeling company that specializes in replacement windows, entry, patio, and storm doors, exterior vinyl siding, and fiber cement siding. We can also provide interior services such as new kitchens and bathrooms upon request.

Due to the EPA lead regulations we have now added our lead cleanup cost to the basic price of the window and the average starting cost of a new replacement window with cleanup is approximately $227 each.

For up to 10 windows the installation should be completed in just one day. Difficult extractions of the old windows can add time to the overall installation, but it should be completely explained to you during the sales process. If you would like additional details on installation feel free to contact us.

All costs related to any individual project are laid out in the very beginning of the process and almost always should be included in your total quote of the project.

There is no reason to be home during the installation unless you would want to be there to observe. It would be entirely voluntary on your part if you would like to take off of work to be there.

Actually both. Inside installation is the preferred method of installation, but existing types of windows and interior trim may result in a method known as an outside install. An outside install would consist of removal of the outside stop and parting stop and extraction of all the old window components. The new window would then be installed from the outside up against the interior stop. This will allow for the proper sealing and insulation of the new window. All outside window installs will require exterior capping.

Please move all furniture approximately 3 feet away from the window opening to allow the installers to get to the window. Blinds and curtains should be removed prior to the installation as well.  Some installs can make dust, so if there is a chance that we will be doing any structural or drywall work, we will cover the furniture for you prior to installation.

We take great care in removing all of the debris from the removal and installation of your new windows. However, you should be prepared to do a thorough cleaning yourself after we leave.

It is included as part of our professional installation, unless other wise noted. All debris related to our installation will be removed from the premises and disposed of properly.

If your home is built before 1978, then yes, we will be working lead safe during the installation of your new windows. Every installer and officer of Dunright Building Services is a certified EPA Renovations installer and the company is also an EPA certified firm. You can get more information from www.epa.gov/lead. Plus, if you are an investor of residential properties in the City of Toledo, there have recently been new regulations regarding investment properties and how to handle renovations of properties built before 1978. Dunright Building Services will comply with all National and local codes regarding working lead safe and proper disposal of the debris from installation.

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